Monthly Archives: January 2015

Artist Showcase: Kristen Solecki ~ Artist and Illustrator


Artist and Illustrator Kristen Solecki visits us today, surprising us as to what bold lines, ordinary shapes and an occasional splash of color can reveal. Kristen Solecki shares with us drawings of trees and buildings (and cats and bottles), marked with lines and angles that give us an interesting, fresh look at these common-place items.…

Artist Showcase: Tamara Domuzin ~ Children’s Illustrator


Illustrator Tamara Domuzin visits Inkspokes today, sharing with us wonderfully cute, lively characters that seem ready to melt our hearts. There is something very whimsical and fun about owls hanging out on a tree limb above a string of winter stockings. They (both the stockings and the owls) have a three-dimensional feel, the look of…

Artist Showcase: Patrick S. Brooks ~ Author and Illustrator


Author and Illustrator P.S. Brooks visits Inkspokes today and shares some of his children’s book illustrations and his upcoming young adult novel, Deathcat Sally. When I look at Patrick S. Brooks’ illustrations, I am amazed not only by the characters he captures but the world in which they inhabit, wonderfully textured worlds, often in pastels,…