Monthly Archives: December 2016

Book Whisperers: Never Sell Again ~ The Power of Platform


Rona Gofstein and Mellisa Sherlin are best-selling authors who write but also understand the business of writing. Founders of the Writers Business School, the two are book whisperers of sorts. They teach authors about the business of books. In this column, Ask the Book Whisperers: Business Tips for Authors, Rona and Mellisa answer questions or address…

Artist Showcase: Charlene Chua ~ Illustrator of Akilak’s Adventure


Illustrator Charlene Chua visits Inkspokes today, bringing with her illustrations that capture moments of adventure and wonder: a red balloon in Chinatown, a bird’s eye view of a walk in autumn, a little girl embarking on a journey in the far north. Award winning illustrator Charlene Chua recently illustrated the children’s book, Akilak’s Adventure, a…

Writers Roundtable: Don Corris, Author of Marvin the Muddy Hippo


Don Corris is an independent children’s book author based in Cardiff, Wales in the U.K. He first started writing stories, he tells us, for his daughters. From stories about Marvin the Hippopotamus to others about Curly the Octopus, Don Corris’ stories come from a place that seeks to amuse, delight and perhaps instill a bit…