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Artist Showcase: Kellie Nicely ~ Children’s Illustrator and Artist


Artist Kellie Nicely visits Inkspokes today, bringing with her an illustration for Chinese New Year, pieces from her Travel illustration series and other artwork from her children’s illustration portfolio. Kellie Nicely creates these beautifully brilliant illustration series that she has been showcasing on social media. The series have a common theme, like her travel series or 100 days…

Book Review: The Dinglebeast Needs to Sleep by Catherine Dawgert

DBNS cover

“The longest journey,” Swedish diplomat Dag Hammarskjöld once remarked, “is the journey inward.” In The Dinglebeast Needs to Sleep, brought to us by children’s author and illustrator Catherine Dawgert and independent publisher Woodland Way, we are invited to begin such a journey, accompanied, as sometimes such journeys require, by a furry and furious beast. The…