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Kindness Stories: Discover Grammy Pags’ Kindness Kids Book Project


Inkspokes Kindness Stories: Indies Heart KindnessInkspokes Kindness Stories: In the children’s literature world we often think of ourselves as boosters for imagination. But we don’t always stop and ask ourselves why imagination is important. One reason imagination is meaningful to me as a children’s author and publisher is that I think it teaches us to…

Book Whisperers: Basics of Creating a Social Media Plan


Ask the Book WhisperersRona Gofstein and Mellisa Sherlin are best-selling authors who write but also understand the business of writing. Founders of the Writers Business School, the two are book whisperers of sorts. They teach authors about the business of books. In this column, Ask the Book Whisperers: Business Tips for Authors, Rona and Mellisa answer…

Monster Hats: An Interview with Children’s Author Catherine Dawgert


Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Catherine Dawgert Shares the Stories Behind her Picture BooksIf you are willing to look at the world a little off-center, sometimes as children will, and discover the humor and wonder that is in it, you’ll be drawn to Catherine Dawgert’s pictures books and her illustrations. Catherine Dawgert is the author-illustrator…