Interested in Illustration or an Illustrator? Visit the Inkspokes Artist Showcases!

google-mash-croppedPart of what makes Inkspokes special (and colorful) has been the many talented illustrators who have chosen to share their artwork on these pages.

We want to thank them for their brilliance and for providing us a window into things that are or might be or that could be. (And thank you also to all the other publishing creatives who have shared your insights and work with the Inkspokes community.)

If you have a chance, especially if you are thinking about a new publishing project, we invite you to visit the Inkspokes Artist Showcases and make a connection. Or if you are an artist and see another artist’s work that you like, here’s as good a place as any to reach out. “Oh, I saw your flying giraffe on Inkspokes …” you might begin.

We are indeed grateful to be part of this community of creatives. Imagination lives.