Spring Art Contest Begins: There Be Dragons … Or At Least, Baby Dragons!

inkspokesartcontestWe are happy to announce the start of the Inkspokes Spring 2017 Art Contest! The theme for this year’s art contest is: Baby Dragons. Why? We are planning on publishing a new children’s picture book (tentatively titled Cub, The Good Dragon) about kindness, friendship and, well, what it means to be a good dragon. So part of the reason for the contest is that we are looking for illustrators who may like to work with us on the book. But even if you are not interested in such a project, you are definitely welcome and encouraged to take part! It’s for any illustrator who wants to enter a dragon illustration!

We want to create a parade of baby dragons! Enter a dragon and join the parade 🙂

For those of you interested in the background story (and your entry doesn’t have to relate to this at all): Cub is a baby dragon, born alone in the middle of forest, who as she cracks out of her shell, encounters a skittish raccoon named Selma. Cub ends up following Selma around. She likes to wander in the forest, play with forest creatures big and small and apparently climb trees like a raccoon. At one point, Selma, feeling that Cub might need a bit more instruction from her own kind than from a raccoon, finds Cub an adoptive dragon family. While the world (and dragons themselves) think of dragons as loud and fiery, Cub learns that to be a good dragon might not involve breathing fire and scaring things with thunderous footsteps at all. For her, being a good dragon can mean being kind and … sort of quiet and friendly.

Illustrators and artists can submit up to 5 illustrations relating to this theme from now until May 31, 2017 to be considered. We will announce winners during the month of June!

The illustrations submitted will generally be posted on Inkspokes as they are received and judging will be by the editors at Inkspokes in consultation with our art friends (we’ll query some of the artists who have been showcased here – though not on your own work if you are submitting an entry).

The earlier your submission the more publicity it will receive.


This is mostly for fun and added exposure, but we are also including a few prizes for the winners. First prize will be a $25 Amazon e-gift card and the top three winners will be allotted an advertising banner space (you will need to design your own banner) on our site sidebar for 3 months. First place would be given the larger space or at least better position. And, of course, there is the indubitable honor.

Entrants who indicate that they would be willing to work on a picture book with us will be considered for that purpose also.


The illustrations submitted can be anything from quick sketches to colored-in drawings. They do not need to be masterpieces. Doodles are fine. But in terms of format, we are requesting that the illustrations be sent as a JPG or PNG file – and at least 600 px wide.


You retain all copyright to the items submitted but by submitting you give us the right to post them on our site, our social media channels and our newsletter in connection with this contest.

How to Enter

Submit entries via email to: maildrop and type “Art Contest – Dragons” in the subject line. Include your name, a one line text (if you wish) and any link that you would like us to include with the drawing. Also let us know whether you’d be interested in discussing with us about illustrating our picture book. Enter by sending in your entry by May 31, 2017.

Happy drawing! Good luck!