Artist Showcase: Rosemarie Gillen ~ Children’s Illustrator and Book Designer

Illustrator and book designer Rosemarie Gillen visits Inkspokes today, bringing with her sparkly, imaginative pieces from her portfolio of children’s illustrations.

Rosemarie Gillen 4

With a mix of approachable characters, creative compositions and that dash of fun, Rosemarie Gillen creates illustrations that appeal to young readers. There’s color, action, and characters with expressions that evoke every bit of incredulity, wonder, or trepidation as required by the story the illustration accompanies.

Rosemarie Gillen 2We might see pirouetting duck or bunny, a dragon learning ballet with a little girl, or a little boy riding on a moose singing by the light of a full moon. Or perhaps a little girl in bed reading, imagining her role in great adventures. In the midst of it all is a brilliant imagination and well … joy.

But we’ll let Rosemarie tell her story. Here’s the message she sent us:

I am an illustrator of children’s literature and have been a professional illustrator since 2005. I am a self- taught artist and am happiest when painting. As a child, I realized I loved to paint. I loved painting with watercolors on watercolor paper. There was something magical about it, and I enjoyed creating things with colors. I have always enjoyed drawing animals and Rosemarie Gillen 1children. Growing up, I knew I wanted to be an artist.

Nowadays, my medium is Photoshop which I use for my children’s books. It makes it easy if there are corrections or adjustments to be made to the illustration.

My love of Art Museums led me to painting my own reproductions of Great Masters such as Van Gogh, Cezanne, Courbet  etc… The walls of my house are filled with such wonderful reproductions which I have painted in her spare time.

I have won several awards for my art work, which has been published both traditionally and online. Most recently, I won the 2017 Mom’s Choice Gold Award.

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I specialize in enhancing children’s books with my unique style of illustrations. I capture the essence of a story and enhance it with bright, colorful illustrations. Working with authors is something I enjoy. I Rosemarie Gillen 5take inspiration from their work and make their story come to life. I believe in a wonderful partnership between an author and illustrator, working together to create something special a child will read over and over.

Rosemarie Gillen accepts commissions from both publishers and self-publishing authors alike. More information about Rosemarie and her work may be found at:

Rosemarie’s Website


(Illustrations in this post are copyrighted by Rosemarie Gillen. All rights reserved.)