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inkspokes-banner-elsreading-17-0107Inkspokes is an online journal that focuses on independent children’s publishing. We are drawn to children’s books and media that inspire fresh, diverse perspectives, perspectives that encourage kids to imagine, create and connect with wonder and sacred things. We believe in imagination and kindness and that the two are related. The capacity to imagine is also the capacity to stand in someone else’s shoes and see the world through another’s eyes. That might be where kindness begins.

We are interested in independent publishers and indie authors and illustrators who inspire those values of imagination and kindness, and this journal is our attempt to discover, to learn and to connect. We see so much promise in indie authors and artists sharing their unique voices and visions.

While, like artists who create indie music or indie movies, indie authors and publishers may not always have the most polished “sound” that may come from expensive equipment and large budgets, they often come to the trade with extraordinary passion, talent and creativity. Their “sound” is often grittier and bolder.

More and more, we are seeing independent presses and indie authors produce works that rival publications by large publishing houses in quality. Indies work creatively, adopt new technologies and learn to collaborate. We want to help in this process.

Our journal publishes articles on indie book innovations, book reviews of independently published and small press works and author interviews, all with a focus on original children’s media. We also showcase some of the incredible work being produced by book illustrators, especially those working independently, and provide resources for indie authors and publishers to assist them in their writing, book craft and the making of better books.

Our goal is to build an inviting, supportive community where authors, readers, illustrators and other publishing creatives can make connections. We hope that you will not just be readers but join us in this dialogue as we build and collaborate to create imaginative and meaningful books for children and for ourselves.

The publisher of this website is Inkspokes Media LLC. Under our Trillo Books imprint, we also publish children’s books as well as other imaginative children’s resources.

We are supporters of indie authors and illustrators and small, independent presses and are thankful to be part of this amazing community of creatives.

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terraturtle-colorThe editors of this website are Nelson Suit and Seri Latiff. Nelson studied history and literature at Yale University. In the spaces between a career as an attorney and taking care of two small kids, he likes to read, write and draw. Seri is a former elementary school teacher and a graduate of the National Institute of Education in Singapore. She holds a certificate from Northeastern University in web design and web/multimedia management and also chases after (the same) two small kids.

If you wish to contact us, you may email us at maildrop. We also invite you to join our mailing list.

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