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One of the greatest joys for those who love words and stories is the discovery of a new book, a new author. This page is intended to help readers make some of those treasured discoveries.

Below are books that have been awarded the Inkspokes Select Book Award. The Inkspokes Select Book Award recognizes books that are not only well written but that, in their originality, passion and freshness, make us passionate about reading again. The authors of these books care deeply about their characters, their stories and their craft. At their best, they bring us a fresh way of looking at our world, they remind us of things that matter, small things and forgotten things also — and, with it all, they give to us wonderfully engaging characters and stories that we might share with our children and each other.


Our focus is on independently published and small press works and this list is meant to introduce the best of these – with all their wonder, spunk and diversity.

Our list begins with Children’s Books (and, for now, only goes up to middle grade). We hope to expand on this in the future.

Note: Authors have generally provided us a synopsis of their books for our use and in a number of cases have provided us a free copy of their books for our honest review.

Learn more about the books below by clicking on their picture.

(Illustration Credits: Above, by artist and illustrator Corrina Holyaoke; Right, by children’s illustrator and picture book blogger Karl Newson)

Children’s Books

For Children’s books, the age groupings below are for ease of navigation only. We’ve placed books in the group where we think there would be most interest, but the books often have target ranges beyond the group they are placed in. If you click on the picture, the more detailed description of the book will generally contain the author’s target age range.

Picture Books ~ Ages 3 to 6

Young Readers ~ Ages 6 to 8

Middle Grade – Ages 8 to 12

Inkspokes Select Book Awards ~ General Information

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