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Are you an indie or small press writer who wants a bit of exposure on our site? Well, you’ve come to the right spot.


Join the Writers Roundtable!

Every now and again, we will post a Writers Roundtable piece that spotlights an author and one of the author’s books. What distinguishes these roundtable pieces is an introductory story or anecdote from the author. We are looking for a funny, witty or otherwise interesting story about 300 words or so. We are hoping that it will be original and give readers something to remember you by (and not just the usual biographical text that is duplicated across different social media profiles). The good thing about this is that when you have a new anecdote, you may return and spotlight another book.

Think of your post as a share among fellow authors and new readers, something we can savor as we drink our tea and nibble on our scones.

So here are the things we are looking for in a Roundtable Post Submission:

1. The Story: Short Anecdote or Story (witty, funny, interesting ~ about 300 words or so)

2. Book Spotlight: (a) Book Cover Image; (b) Short Description (e.g., back cover matter); (c) Book Excerpt (600 words or so and if you have the ability to record yourself reading the excerpt, we would be interested in the video/audio to post with the piece)

3. Other Images: (a) Author headshot; (b) any other images (illustrations) that might go with your post

4. Social Media: Include links you wish to include (e.g., website, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon sales page).

5. Bio: Send us link to where we can find your bio. We’ll use it to write a brief intro for the piece!

Please send your submission to us at maildrop. (Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions if you have ideas on how to make this better.)

Please note that we will use our discretion on what items are published. Note that we are a family-friendly site – with a kidlit bent (everything from picture books to young adult). We do consider other content at times.

We encourage you to query us by email before working on your short anecdote to first gauge our interest.

That’s about it. Hope this will be fun for you as well as your readers. We look forward to your submissions!

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