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Under our Trillo Books imprint, Inkspokes Media LLC publishes children’s books and other activity and educational resources for kids. We believe in imaginative play, and our publications grow from a vision of a life that is imbued with art, creativity and imagination. We seek to publish books that come from a place of imagination, curiosity and kindness.


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We are the publisher for author and illustrator Nelson Suit‘s Tilley Pond Mouse adventure series. The Tilley Pond Mouse books are about a young mouse named Els Oot who goes on unexpected adventures in the wilds beyond his little village of Tilley Pond. In journeys filled with wonder, friendship and some of the most imaginative interludes in middle grade fiction, young readers will find new friends (creatures big and small), discover the wonders and mysteries lying about among caves, rivers, meadows and swamps and come to find some of the magic that makes reading fun.

Consisting of three books (Els Oot and the Mapmaker, Els Oot and the Baby Dragon, and Els Oot and the Lost City), the Tilley Pond Mouse series by children’s author Nelson Suit has a target audience of young readers ages 9 to 12. However, the books may also be read to a younger audience and enjoyed by an older one as well.

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