Welcome to the KidLit Parade!

KidLitParade-ProudMember2KidLit Parade is a community of parents, teachers, care givers and other bookish creatives intent on promoting children’s literacy. Do you have an idea or project you’ve worked with children on that inspires them to read or love books? Have you helped a child make her or his own book, for example. Or acted out with them characters in a story or crafted them in felt?

This group is a place to share ideas that promote a love of books and reading, whether it’s the initial inkling of an idea you would like feedback on or a picture of a proud finished endeavor!

Members can post to our Facebook group page and we’ll also include a link to your website or the portion of your website dedicated to children’s literacy posts or resources in our master KLP web circle directory (see the right sidebar). We encourage members of the KidLit Parade group to replicate the same directory of websites on their children’s literacy page or website. This creates a parade of like-minded sites (a web circle) dedicated to promoting a love of reading and books. (You can copy and paste the list from the sidebar and return periodically to obtain the most up-to-date list.)

Each member of the group can post articles or resources relating to children’s literacy on the group Facebook page (we’ll have special theme days or weeks) or on their own pages (and then share with the group through posting a link in the Facebook group or through Twitter. (Follow @KidLitParade on Twitter and use #kidlitx and we’ll help share your tweets!) We encourage each member in the group to engage with other members in a positive manner and to help support and share ideas, links and resources.

Inkspokes is a proud member of KidLit Parade, and one of the Inkspokes editors is an organizing member of the group. Articles on Inkspokes related to children’s literacy/KidLit Parade may be found at this link: KidLit Parade Posts.

A hearty and loving welcome!

You are welcome to contact any of the organizing members of the group with questions or to join the group. The organizing members of KidLit Parade are:

Jill Cofsky (Voice Actor & Teacher): Website | Facebook | Twitter 

K. Lamb (Author): Website | Facebook | Twitter

Cat Michaels (Author): Website | Facebook | Twitter

Nelson Suit (Author & Inkspokes editor): Website | Facebook | Twitter


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