Inkspokes 2017 Baby Dragon Art Contest: Winners Announced!

Many thanks to the artists and illustrators who submitted illustrations to the Inkspokes 2017 Spring Art Contest and Dragon Parade. Also, thanks to the many readers, authors, illustrators and publishing creatives who provided us feedback on the entries. Each of the submissions that came in astounded us. What talent. What imagination. What originality.

You can see all the submissions at the Dragon Parade. Or click here for a list of the individual submissions that contain more information on the artists.

It was challenging picking three winners for the competition but here they are – based on all the feedback we received. And we added a couple of honorable mentions to the list as well. First Place receives an Amazon Gift Card. The top three finishers will also be given space on our website for a banner ad to run for the next quarter. We will contact participants over the next week with more specifics! Thank you again and congratulations!!


First Place: Emily Stepp

Baby Dragon - First Place

Entry #2 ~ Emily Stepp


Second Place: Deborah Partington

Third Place: Daniel Fiore

Entry #8: Daniel Fiore


Honorable Mentions: Daniela Sosa and Heather Franzen

Entry #13 ~ Daniela Sosa

Entry #14 ~ Heather Franzen